Cliffs below Cowbar Lane

Had a pleasant walk along the coast from Easington through Staithes and Port Mulgrave before heading back inland through Roxby. It was somewhat marred by the sight of fly tipping over the cliffs at Cowbar Lane near Staithes. This is a National Park. Staithes is one of the Park’s honeypots. It is on the Cleveland Way, a popular long distance footpath. What mindless morons did this? I feel utterly sick.


3 thoughts on “Cliffs below Cowbar Lane”

  1. I live on Cowbar….I have personally moved a dozen or so fly tips over the last few years….perhaps when the old road was made footpath only R&C BC should have stopped access to vehicles?….less palatable was the dumping of portaloo contents from motor homes on the car park…..a wire fence has now made that a more interesting escapade.


  2. Hi, Mick,
    In the same vein, I’m surprised , in a very negative way, how so many of the mini-crags particularly in the Pennines as opposed to on our moors have spray-painted rubbish on them. Since some of these outcrops are extremely remote in the first place I just can’t get a handle on the mind of someone preparing for a walk and thinking along these lines: “Rucksack, check, spare food, check, cag, check, map, check, red aerosol, check, white aerosol, check, compass, camera, Man United paint stencil, check, check, check…..”


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