The Three Lords’ Stone

The Three Lords’ Stone, is so named after the three Lords: Duncombe of Helmsley, Marwood of Busby Hall and Aislesby, who had land in Scugdale. The boundaries of their respective estates met at the Stone. It is situated on the edge of a tumulus behind the present day Lord Stones Cafe. There is some inscription of the stone but it is too weathered to read.

Astute readers will notice my pedantry in the spelling of the name. Names do change over the ages but I think it a shame that old names become lost. The name “The Three Lords’ Stone” is in danger of being lost by the use of a similar name for the cafe. I don’t really know what stones the cafe name refers too unless it is the recently erected five stones in a semi circle on the top of Green Bank. A modern version of a Victorian folly.


2 thoughts on “The Three Lords’ Stone”

  1. Well I didn’t know that, very interesting, I am going to have a good look at this stone the next time I pass, thanks Mick


  2. The Lord Stones are the three large stones which are part of a pair of a pair of Bronze Age barrows. The Three Lords Stone also has a number of prehistoric cup marks carved on it.


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