“SS” Castle, Lazenby Bank

A Grade II listed building, hidden away in the woods of Lazenby Bank.

Known locally as SS Castle on account of the ‘S’ wall supports, it was built in 1876 to house a Gubial fan to provide ventilation for the ironstone mines of Bolckow, Vaughan and Company. The Eston mines were the largest in the Cleveland area with production ceasing in 1949. With a 30 foot diameter fan the volume of air drawn must have been quite something.

The building is currently up for sale but as a listed building there’s not much that can be done with it. I’ve posted the photo in black and white as it makes the graffiti and litter less obvious.


One thought on ““SS” Castle, Lazenby Bank”

  1. Your mention on litter on the Eston Hills is very pertinent. On a walk there last Autumn I and my friend were astounded and saddened by the amount of litter all over the area, ranging from drink cans and bottles through fridges to the burnt out wreck of a 4 x 4 vehicle halfway up Lazenby Bank.


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