Mugwort Digging Night/Slate Quarries below the Walna Scar Road

Midsummer eve. It’s also Mugwort Digging Night which to me sounds like something out of Harry Potter. Mugwort is a plant of the daisy family and has long been associated with witchcraft and sorcery. I had wanted to find the plant today to photgraph but it’s more suited to waste land and roadside verges than the Lakeland Fells where I have spent the day walking around Coniston with a DoE group who seemed averse to any climbing.

If you do happen to find a mugwort plant on Midsummer Eve, dig it up and beneath it you will find a piece of magic coal which will protect you against lightning, the plague and many other ailments. If you don’t believe in such things you can always put it in your drawers for its scent repels clothes’ moths.

As for the photo, it is of abandoned slate quarries below the Walna Scar Road. I can’t resist having a nose around our industrial heritage.


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