A village nestling at the northern end of the Hambleton Hills (the 400m summit of Black Hambleton can be seen far left). One story where the name Osmotherley comes from dates to the 7th Century. After many years trying the queen of the King Oswald of Northumbria eventually gave birth to a son who they named Oswy after his father. However Prince Oswy was to die in tragic circumstances on my local hill Roseberry Topping, 15 miles or so to the north. But that’s another story which will have to wait for another day. It’ll be a prequel. The distraught mother died soon afterwards of a broken heart and both were buried in a dale that became known as ‘Oswy-by-his-mother-lay’ which over the years became Osmotherley.

Hmmm, alternatively the etymology of the name Osmotherley is considered to have come from Asmundrelac, recorded in 1086, Osmundelai in 1220, Osmondirlay in 1398 and Osmoderly in 1536. Asmundr is a Scandinavian personal name and leah is Scandinavian for clearing. So a difference of opinion. I know which I would prefer to believe.


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