Buxton Well Dressing – St. Ann’s Well

The last day of my assignment in Buxton and the last day of the town’s well dressing festival.

Well dressing is a traditional summer festival in the limestone country of the Derbyshire dales and most probably has pagan origins. Buxton is well known as a spa time (the Roman name for it was Aquae Arnemetiae which translates as the spa of the goddess of the grove) and its waters are said to have great medicinal powers including the relief of haemorrhoids, gout and menstruation.

St. Ann’s Well is located in the centre of Buxton and has been impressively decorated using thousands of flower petals inside a wood frame which has been placed in front of and hiding the stone carved drinking fountain; the continuous spout of water being diverted for the occasion. The water is sold as Buxton Water by Nestlé.

So if you suffer from haemorrhoids or just want to try the taste of Buxton water, pop down to your local Tesco and hand over your £1 and you can buy a bottle of the stuff.


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