Castle Rock of Triermain

Driving over to the Lakes for a four day Duke of Edinburgh gold expedition, I’d already decided to stop and take a photo of this crag but didn’t appreciate just how forested its lower slopes are. The reason I wanted to photograph it is because the geologists say that a large chunk, the “size of a bungalow” could fall off it any time. This might be next week, next year or in ten years time. My photo then is the before in a before and after sequence. Climbing is not recommended.

You won’t find the name Castle Rock of Triermain on the Ordnance Survey map. Just Castle Rock. Triermain is the name of  a pele-tower near Birdoswald near Hadrians Wall. Originally it was a fiefdom in the barony of Gilsland. Sir Walter Scott, the Scottish novelist, used the name in his romantic narrative-poem The Bridal of Triermain in 1812 with Castle Rock featuring as the setting for the Enchanted Castle from which the hero, Sir Roland de Vaux of Triermain, must rescue the maiden, Gyneth.


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