The Cheese Stones, Baysdale

Middle Head Road is a landrover track from Baysdale Abbey onto Ingleby Moor. It must be an ancient route; there is the stump remains of a medieval wayside cross close to it and further up the track is mapped as “The Flagged Road”. The route probably connected the abbey (actually a Cistercian priory) with Bransdale and I guess Rievaulx Abbey.

The Cheese Stones lie about 50m off the track so would have been familiar with medieval travellers. I guess the name derives from their weather worn resemblance to lumps of cheese, imagine a crumbly Wensleydale. There’re not enormous but have attracted the attention of local climbers looking for somewhere new to boulder. In the far right is Easby Moor with Capt.Cooks Monument. Just right of centre, in the very, very far distance is urban sprawl of Teesside.

For those that like to know the location see here.


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