Pile of Boulders near Garfit Gap

A damp day on the North York Moors with poor visibility, so I headed over to Garfit Gap above Great Broughton as some of the boulders on the col have prehistoric rock art on them which is supposed to be more discernible when wet. Rock art dates to the late neolithic/early bronze age at a time when man still led a somewhat nomadic life, moving around hunting with the seasons. Farming was at an early stage and any animal husbandry very basic. It seems natural then that man should mark rocks or boulders at important places such as springs, waypoints, viewpoints, ritual sites or burial tumuli. The experts say there is rock art but I couldn’t make out any symbols.

This pile of boulders intrigue me, dumped by the glacier at its limit. I can not find a name for them perhaps because of their closeness to the Wainstones. They contain a lot of hollows and dry places which must have been attractive to neolithic man as a place of shelter and judging by the beer cans and other debris the hollows are still is use as a shelter. I could make out some of the rock art here, lines and groves, but there is plenty of modern graffiti to add confusion.


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