A quiet village a few miles east of Stokesley. But is wasn’t always so. A market was granted in 1253 to be held every Friday and a three day fair yearly over St. James Day (July 25). Kildale was on the Stokesley to Whitby turnpike road and in the 19c after the railway arrived it was a hive of industrial activity with ironstone mining and whinstone quarrying.

In the photo the furthest cottage was the post office and the nearest was the village pub, the Blacksmiths Arms. Both now closed and converted to private housing. The Blacksmiths Arms later became The Temperance Hotel after it was supposedly shut down by Major Turton, a major landowner who lived in Kildale Hall, “because the quarrymen who lived in New Row got drunk on Friday nights and fought each other”. But another story was that Major Turton closed the pub because the local farm hands were reluctant to leave their beer instead of being available as beaters on the Major’s grouse shoots.


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