Lumpsey Ironstone Mine

A day spent exploring the remains of Cleveland’s ironstone industry. From the drift mines of Eston to the deep shaft mines of East Cleveland. This is Lumpsey mine, Built by the Bell Brothers in 1880, it was their show piece mine and contained the very latest equipment. The last mine to open in Cleveland. Two shafts were sunk, 564 feet deep with a diameter of 15 feet, to access the 9 feet 6 inch ironstone layer. Output rarely reached the optimistic design figures and the quality was poor compared to Eston. But the mine continued to operate until 1954 having been connected first to Carlin How and then to North Skelton. During WW1, a six-inch gun was kept at Lumpsey mounted on a railway carriage. In case of an attack by Zeppelins from across the North Sea the gun carriage was pulled by horse along a spur line to Hunt Cliff.

In the photo look closely beyond the agricultural land of East Cleveland and the impressive former Zetland Hotel in Saltburn by the Sea can just be made out.


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