Lord Stones Country Park

The Lord Stones Country Park and a route I have done many times before, but I soon discovered the path blocked by a new fence. Why? The area is not grazed yet it’s a substantial fence topped by a strand of barbed wire. Curious I followed the fence along its entirety. There are a few gaps where the spruce trees are so dense as to be impenetrable but otherwise no stiles or gates for walkers to use. This is supposed to be ‘open access land’ under the CROW Act. It all very intimidating.

The new fence effectively cuts off Tom Gill. I can not understand why. I can see no conflict with any other user of the land. Health and safety? Tom Gill is pretty steep but the old paths are nowhere near the edge. And anyway I understand the landowner of open access land is not liable for any injury caused by a natural feature.

I have fond memories of The Lord Stones. Not least because it was the only bit of countryside remaining open during the foot-and-mouth outbreak in 2001. A sanctuary for my outdoor fix. So I’m feeling a bit solastalgic that access is being restricted in this way (that’s a new word that I had to fit in).


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