Freight train, freight train goin’ so fast

A freight train trundles along the old Whitby Redcar and Middlebrough Railway past the remains of the Huntcliff Ironstone Mine. In the distance are the cliffs of Hummersea. The train is en route from the Cleveland Potash mine which on Thursday announced the loss of 350 jobs, another blow to the employment situation in the region. Within the last month we’ve had:

  • SSI steelworks has gone into liquidation – 2,200 jobs lost;
  • Caparo closed their steel forging plant in Hartlepool – 79 jobs;
  • Johnson Matthey – 70 job losses;
  • Air Products are suspending a major renewable energy plant – 700 contractors affected;
  • TATA have announced 25 jobs are to go at their special profiles plant at Skinningrove.

Skinningrove is just out of sight behind the last truck on the photo and is the other main user of the railway, transporting steel from Scunthorpe.


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