Jenny Bradley

A pair of standing stones on Greenhow Moor. The smaller one is the remains of a medieval cross  going by the name of Jenny Bradley. It would have been much higher and probably in the form of an actual cross. It was erected on the old packhorse route from Baysdale Abbey to Ryedale which would have followed the ancient drovers road of Thurkilsti.

But who was Jenny Bradley? I have found two possible etymologies. One is that Bradley is a derivation of ‘broad ley’ meaning a broad track. Another is that it means ‘breadless’ or a beggar. Neither explains the Jenny. I’m not convinced by either.

The larger stone is inscribed with ‘F 1838’ on the south face and ‘SIR W FOWELS’ on the north. This would stand for the Feversham estate and Sir William Foullis who was the baronet at the time. The estate stretched all the way south to Duncombe Park at Helmsley.

The stones also mark the boundary of the civil parishes of Westerdale, Ingleby Greenhow and Farndale.


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