Percy Cross Rigg Iron Age Village

An enclosure off the Percy Cross Rigg road is the site of an Iron Age village. It was excavated in the 1960s by the renown local amateur archaeologist Roland Close and found to contain five circular hut bases with paved floors and walls still standing to a height of three courses of stone. It was in use 2,400 years ago. Artefacts found included nine saddle querns and the base of a rotary quern, evidence that wheat was grown.

By the 4th century BC, the local tribe was the Gabrantovices. The climate was improving after a mini cold age but still comparatively worse than today. The moors would have been largely tree covered with ‘fields’ along the drier ridges cleared for crops. This site would have been contemporary with the iron age fort on Eston Nab.

Roland Close lived close by in Baysdale and has been mentioned in this blog before; see here.



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