Bumper Castle

A ruined farmstead overlooking Ladhill Beck north of Hawnby. Bill Cowley, better known as the founder and author of the definitive book of the Lyke Wake Walk, wrote in his 1993 booklet, Snilesworth, that “the house is well built, with a slate roof, and has the date 1722 on the gable end”. Today there was no sign of a roof. Cowley surmises the house was probably built for the Easterside Estate as a shooting lodge, the 3rd Duke of Rutland and the Marquis of Granby reputed to have stayed there for the shooting in the 18th century. The problem with this though is that the flintlock guns available at that time were not generally used for shooting birds on the wing, the time lag between pressing the trigger and the gun actually firing being too long. It would not be until the middle of the 19th century that grouse shooting as we know it became more fashionable with the invention of the percussion lock method of firing.

But by 1851 the house was used for farming. The census of that year records Richard Hilbert as the farmer of 127 acres.


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