The Unsuitables

The local name for the forest track up from Hutton Lowcross up onto Percy Cross Rigg. In the distance on the right is Highcliff Nab overlooking Guisborough. The track follows an ancient route from Guisborough to Baysdale. It was until fairly recently a Byway Open to All Traffic or BOAT. A sign at the bottom warned drivers that the track was unsuitable for vehicles; hence the name. I can remember the post office landrover trundling up it on the delivery round to Sleddale Farm. In those days Guisborough was a main sorting office. I think it’s Whitby now.

In the 90s or so the track was regraded. Rumour had it that the council were fearful of being sued by adventurous 4×4 drivers tackling the route and damaging their vehicles but it has now been downgraded to a Public Bridleway because of the erosion. On a bike though it’s still a bone shaking descent even with modern suspension.



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