Bloworth Crossing

A landmark spoken of and approached with trepidation on the Lyke Wake Walk, a long distance footpath crossing the North York Moors. A lonely spot, marking the start of the seven mile or so slog along the course of the old mineral railway line to the Rosedale ironstone mines ending at Blakey Ridge and the Lion Inn, which was half way on a west to east crossing.

This was where the railway crossed the ancient drovers’ track known as Thurkilsti or Thurkill’s hill road, from Kildale to Kirbymoorside. When the railway was in operation, from 1861 to 1929, there must still have quite a bit of traffic using the old road, enough to justify manning the crossing. The gate keeper and his family lived in a cottage adjacent to the crossing (to the left in the photo). For the children this meant a five mile walk to school in Farndale.

The crossing takes its name from Bloworth Bridge where the Thurkilsti crosses a tributary of Bloworth Slack, a few hundred metres south of the railway crossing.

2 thoughts on “Bloworth Crossing”

  1. I was ofton on patrol along this route when I was a volunteer ranger with the park. I could never understand why the park didn’t plant a few hundred trees along this route, it would make a vast improvment. Perhaps the shooting fraternity had a say in it ??


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