Roseberry Common

This is my 366th posting. That’s a daily posting for a year although some have been a day or two late when I haven’t been able to access the internet. My first posting was 4 January 2015 (with a few earlier ones direct to Facebook). There must have been an extra posting on one day. I can’t remember. My intention was to post a photo a day from my runs, walks or bike rides occasionally documenting village events, wildlife, the seasonal changes on the moors and hills, with little snippets of local history thrown in.

So for today’s photo I had hoped for an iconic view of my local hill, Roseberry Topping. But once again the weather was dismal. From the col on Roseberry Common the summit is hidden by cloud. On days like this, and there seems to have been many of them this winter, inspiration is elusive. So here is my favourite tree with Roseberry as a backdrop although you’ll have to use your imagination.


2 thoughts on “Roseberry Common”

  1. Thanks for your photos and commentary, which I have been following for a while. Some places I know as though old friends, while others I haven’t visited yet.

    We have the same dismal weather in Stockton. What’s inspirational to me about this blog is that you get out (and about) in it!


    1. Hi Mike, I came to your blog part way through the year and enjoy your pictures and comments. It looks like you manage to get out every day, which is laudable. I came from Middlesbrough and spent a lot of time in the NYM with the scouts, particularly our Campsites in Kildale and Commondale. That and doing the Lyke Wyke Walk and Cleveland way has taken me to many of the places you have mentioned. I have enjoyed every blog and picture, keep up the good work.

      PS, I think we may have worked together sometime, perhaps for the late School Adventures?


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