Northern Lights

Well the lights of Teesside are from the north so the title is not wrong. It is actually quite difficult to get away from light pollution. Tristan Gooley, who styles himself as a “natural navigator”, says that it is possible to use light pollution as a means of estimating the distance a town is away from you so long as you know the population of that town. So a town of 3,000 generates the same light pollution 10km away as a city of 1,000,000 100km away. The effect is not linear but by this reckoning I would have to be in the order of 60km from Teesside with a population of 377,000 to escape its light pollution. Who needs a compass on the moors at night?

Of course for once it’s a clear night and Roseberry is free of cloud. But more rain is forecasted.


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