Great Ayton High Street

I’ve been fascinated by this photo of the top of Ingleby Incline. So much so that I’ve decided to try and do one myself. First I need an archive photo then recreate a modern view of it. Something simple. I found this photo by Francis Frith of Great Ayton High Street in 1964. You will need to open it in another window to compare side by side.

Francis Frith was a Victorian photographer most famous for his photos of Whitby fisherfolk. After his death in 1898 his family continued his work resulting in a large archive of vintage photographs which are now available, at a price, over the internet.

Comparing the two images, the Royal Oak is substantially unchanged. This side of it the former NatWest bank building has replaced two smaller shops one of which was Worthy Pearson, the newsagents, which is now around the corner on Park Square. At the far end of the High Street, the houses facing are pretty much the same although the one of the extreme left seems to have more windows. The trees edging the Green have all grown in the intervening fifty years. The biggest difference is the traffic though. There were no double yellow lines to ignore in 1964.


2 thoughts on “Great Ayton High Street”

  1. Hi Mick. It’s been a long time since I was in Great Ayton. Looks like it has changed a lot.
    The photographer I admire that took pictures of the area, particularly Whitby, was Sutcliffe. Such evocative photos, particularly those of the sailors and fisher folk.


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