Whisky Galore


About half way down Glencoe there is a parking spot which is usually heavy with coaches and tourists stopping to take a photo of this waterfall on the River Coe. Today with ex-Hurricane Jonas dumping everything he had left on Scotland the layby was empty but the waterfall was spectacular.

The waterfall is often referred to as the Meeting of the Three Waters but the Ordnance Survey have given that name to the symmetrical confluence of the streams Allt Doire-bheith and Allt Coire Gabhail with the River Coe, a kilometre down the glen. I feel this waterfall ought to have a name but it eludes me at the moment.

So to the title, Whisky Galore. A little contrived. Both whisky and galore are words that have entered English from the Gaelic. ‘Uisge’ means water and ‘uisge baugh’ water of life and anglicised  to whisky. From ‘gu leor’ meaning plenty we get the word galore we use in English. So with apologises to Compton Mackenzie’s book there’s plenty of water going over the waterfall.


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