Bodachan Sneachda

The plan was to bag Am Bodach, the 1032m high Munro in the Mamores but hitting the ridge we thought better of it. It was a bit blowy. Andy, my climbing partner, braces himself at the foot of the final climb to the summit. The speed of the wind can be judged by the horizontal line of the snowflakes exposed at 1/500th of a second. A Yorkshireman by birth Andy now lives in Scotland and admits to having some knowledge of the Gaelic. More than a mere some as far as I am concerned for he eagerly translates the meanings of every coire and stream we cross. All the books say Am Bodach for instance means the old man but I now know it’s also an euphemism for a particular male appendage. A little man on the other hand is bodachan. Sneachda is snow and bodachan sneachda the term for a snowman.


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