Ruins of Sheriff’s Pit

A solitary corner of the manager’s house is all that remains of Sheriff’s Pit one of the several ironstone mines working the rich ironstone seams of Rosedale. It originally started in 1857 as a drift mine cut into the hillside 270′ below just above Medd’s Farm and any ore extracted had to be transported by horse and cart south to Pickering from where there was a rail connection to ironworks at Consett. After two years operation working at Sheriffs Pit ceased in preference to other mines in Rosedale.

By 1875 with a railway having been constructed over the moors linking Rosedale with the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Railway at Kildale, Sheriff’s Pit began a new lease of life. A shaft was sunk next to the railway and down to ironstone seam, connecting with the drift. This provided a means of hoisting the ore out of the mine. The drift continued to be used for access for men and pit ponies. The shaft is still there, uncapped but fenced off.

Sheriff’s Pit continued in operation until 1911. The railway continued to service other mines in Rosedale until 1928 when it too closed.


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