Roseberry’s Face

Art or graffiti? I’ve posed that question before. I know nothing about this face that’s carved on the crag on Roseberry. I’m not even sure if it supposed to be a man or a woman or how old it is but it does seem to have required more work than the usual modern scratchings. There’s a bit of damage, the nose has clearly lost its tip, which gives the carving a crude finish. There appears to be a cross on a hat which reminds me of a bishop’s mitre. Or maybe a crown. Although I can not be sure, the face is carved on a face which I think would have been buried prior to the landslip of 1912.

What story is behind the carving? There’s certainly a few hours work there. Someone has gone to quite a bit of trouble to create it.

So is it art or graffiti?


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