Aerial Ropeway Bases, Cliff Rigg Wood

Among the leaf litter of beech trees, two concrete bases that supported one of the steel towers for an aerial ropeway that ran from Ayton Bank Ironstone Mine to sidings at the west end of Cliff Ridge where the ore was loaded into railway trucks. There is actually a third base which has been buried by the slope. The holding down bolt can just be seen poking out of the leaf litter (a bit of a trip hazard).

The mine and ropeway was operated by the Tees Furnace Company which also operated the Roseberry Ironstone Mine. The ropeway was short lived, in use from 1913 to 1921. it was built by the Aerial Ropeways Ltd. of London. In the booklet “Mineral Tramways of Great Ayton” by R. Pepper and R. J. Stewart, 1994, (which is still available on Amazon) there is a advertisement photo from 1920 which is believed to be of the Ayton ropeway. Unfortunately I can not find a copy on line.


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