Flying Scotsman

A king passed through the village tonight. At least it felt like royalty. In true Railway Children style crowds thronged the railway bridges in the dark as the Flying Scotsman huffed and puffed by on its way to the North York Moors Railway. One farmer had his tractor’s headlights illuminating the track. We saw it at Battersby where the small platform was jam packed. Here the engine has to be uncoupled from its single coach and then reversed along the parallel track to be recoupled at the other end. It then travels tail first for the remainder of the journey along the Esk Valley line to Grosmont. Lots of entertainment for the crowds.

The Flying Scotsman was of course the first steam engine to officially do a ton, 100 mph. Built in 1923 for a cost of £7,944 it has recently undergone a £4.2 million restoration and now looks splendid in its British Rail green livery litres which used 50 litres of paint.


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