Hanging Stone, Thimbleby Bank

Stilton Woods still causes me nightmares 43 years after doing my first orienteering event there. I remember spending ages in a thick impenetrable forest searching for the control in a depression. Two colour map, black and white. It ended up with about a dozen of us all going round in circles. Then bingo; someone found it.

It’s still a dark and dingy forest especially with the threat of snow and when the path decides not to play ball. Not lost exactly, just slightly off piste.

Sometime in the naughties the Forestry Commission began to clear fell. This rock outcrop of course sandstone on Thimbleby Banks had previously been hidden away in the forest. It goes by the name of Hanging Stone, which is not uncommon; I know of at least two others on the North York Moors. This one though is a stone that truly hangs and with a view of the Vale of Mowbray well worth the visit. A good clear day would be better.

Below the rock outcrop is a farm called Nun House. The name probably derives from a cell of a nunnery but more interesting is the story that somewhere on the farm is a treasure of gold buried in the skin of a bull.


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