Cleveland Hills

A lovely morning. Sun shining, fluffy clouds in various shades of white and a few patches of snow remaining from yesterday on the Cleveland Hills.

So to get me in the mood for the Tour de Yorkshire which is coming through the village tomorrow, the plan today would be a bike ride. I thought up Turkey Nab, along the old mineral railway to Blakey Ridge and back via Westerdale and Kildale.

There are two problems with cycling. The first is that the bike inevitably needs a good clean afterwards. Running is so easy. Dunk your shoes in a bucket of water and jiggle them around a bit. Cleaning a bike is much more fiddly.

The second problem with biking is to do with that invention of Mr Dunlop, the pneumatic tyre. Such a fantastic invention was the pneumatic tyre, but they do suffer from one big drawback: they puncture. And it’s Sod’s law that they’ll puncture at the worst possible time.

My puncture occurred near the top of the Ingleby Incline. No problem, I had a spare inner tube. But on setting off Sod’s Law struck again and to my dismay I discovered the front tyre had punctured too. So a choice. Patch it up using a freezing cold, mucky puddle or retreat pushing the bike off the moors.

Such is the convenience of modern technology I opted for the easiest option and phoned for a lift but that did mean an hour’s walk back to Ingleby Greenhow. I must be going soft.

So for today’s photo. It’s taken from Ingleby Moor on the way down and shows the view south along the Cleveland Hills.

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