Belmont Ironstone Mine

Why is it that runners always think of biking as an easy option? An active rest day. My own bike ride today enabled me to get into Guisborough Woods which looked green and lush with vicious nettles on the floor and the sycamores not yet dense enough to keep out the light.

I was surprised to see this old brick hut still standing although slowly crumbing away. There was another one on the other side of the track but I could find no trace of it now. I recall that its use was to do with the electrical distribution for the Belmont Ironstone Mine which operated from 1907 until 1921.

The sight of the building evoked memories for me. Near here was the start of a timed “sprint” session up Highcliff Nab and back devised by my long time friend Jon. The aim was for four times within an hour. Seems unbelievable now. Is my memory playing tricks on me?


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