Slacks Beck

Another dreich day. Still it’s the last day of Spring today. Tomorrow it’ll be Summer so it’s bound to be sunny.

Mist and low cloud mean my attention is drawn to closer details. This small stream has many names. Just below its source on Great Ayton Moor it is referred to as Howden Gill. Here in Slacks Wood it takes the name of the wood and becomes Slacks Beck. And further downstream, where it runs alongside Dikes Lane, it is known not unsurprisingly as Dikes Beck. Eventually it’ll flow into the River Leven at Great Ayton through a culvert under Station Road.

Slacks Wood hides an old whinstone quarry, older than the well known large quarry nearby on Cliff Ridge and older the cottages at Gribdale Terrace, built to house the whinstone miners, neither being shown on the Ordnance Survey 6″ map of 1853.

The dull conditions meant that I could play with long exposures. For the technically minded this was 2½ seconds. I do like the effect.


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