Mystery wall

Deep in the heart of Hutton Lowcross Wood, below the Hanging Stone, this wall of dressed sandstone is a bit of a mystery. It forms a small recess and seems to be on the same level as the old jet workings but these don’t usually have stonework associated with them being just small scale drifts into the hillside. And it’s above the ironstone level.

So if anyone has ideas please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Mystery wall”

  1. I’ve taken a quick look at the 1:2500 OS maps for the area and a structure is shown at NZ 59311 13455, is that the location of this wall?
    The 1894 map shows the structure on the line of ‘old jet workings’ with a drift located immediately above it and a spoil heap below it on the other side of the forest track. As such I would hazard a guess it is some kind of loading dock for the jet mine.
    The structure is still shown on the 1968 map.


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