Blakey Topping

The story goes that a giant by the name of Wade had an argument with his wife and in a fit of temper he scooped by a handful of earth and threw it at her but missed creating  Blakey Topping in the process. And the hole left became the Hole of Horcum. Elgee writing in the 1930s recounts a variation where it is the devil, not a giant, throwing earth at a witch who had sold him her soul and was fleeing to escape the deal.

Blakey Topping lies on the edge of Dalby Forest It dominates the landscape and must have been hugely significant for man since prehistoric times. So it is perhaps not surprising that there are legend associated with it. An isolated hill, its shape is symmetrical; humpback from this angle, the south west, and conical from the south east. At its base, a Bronze Age settlement and stone circle.


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