One for the Guisborians, Ruthergate, an ancient trackway heading south out of Guisborough, diagonally climbing Kemplah Bank up onto Hill Plains and the high moors beyond. For the past half century or so the deep hollow way of the track has been hidden by forestry but dog walkers and mountain bikes have returned following recent clear felling.

The track started at Ruther Cross, a stone post which still exists in a housing estate off Hutton Lane, and then followed the tree line in the photo separating the field from the housing to the foot of the hill. A stone causeway crossed the marshy ground that existed before the area was improved and developed. Roman coins and medieval pottery have been found in Ruthergate. Once the brow of the hill has been reached the route becomes vague. In fact its ultimate destination is unknown. A quarry has been suggested and the sledging of stone down to the town would account for the well eroded holloway down the slope.


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