In search of Elgee’s Triangle Stone

Sans le chien so went off piste, exploring the little visited fragments of Open Access Land. Frank Elgee’s Triangle Stone on Stanghow Moor seemed a good aim, last visited in a night navigation event a couple of winters ago. I found this standing stone easily, it might be over the top in calling it a menhir, but I think Elgee’s Stone is the smaller one behind which is indeed triangular. However I liked this photo better.

I really don’t know why Elgee, 1880-1944, renown archaeologist, geologist and naturalist, should have singled out this stone. It is fairly non-descript apart from being on moors devoid of scattered boulders. I really need to read his book, The Moorlands of North-East Yorkshire, maybe the answer is in there. One of these stones is marked as a boundary stone on the 1856 Ordnance Survey map, my guess it’s the larger one.

In the distance to the right is Lockwood Beck reservoir which was visited by an osprey in August this year. Cor, wish I had seen that.


2 thoughts on “In search of Elgee’s Triangle Stone”

  1. Having read Elgee’s Early Man in North East Yorkshire what he mentions is a ‘stone triangle’ rather than a ‘triangle stone’, I’m not splitting hairs, honest!
    From other comments he makes it seems that he is referring to a triangular setting of 3 stones. The 1894 1:2500 OS map shows a triangular arrangement of stones at NZ 66566 12576 just north east of Black Howes (up the hill from the stones in your photo).
    I’ve visited the spot and there are some small upright stones among the heather in an area otherwise devoid of surface ‘rockery’. I strongly believe that the stones shown on the OS map are Elgee’s stone triangle.
    Have you visited Elgee’s stone row on Old Castle Hill just over the Smeathorns Road? Again it is clearly shown on the old OS map at NZ 67388 12008.


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