Hutton Bridge

The halcyon days continue. Dry enough for me to bike and a circuit through the villages of Cleveland. Hutton Bridge, spanning the River Leven, was built in 1755 in two segmented arches but widened in modern times. A weir and a fish ladder disturb the flow of the river. I am standing on the site of a paper mill demolished in 1937. It was built in 1757 and a century later converted into a flax mill to produce linen for sail making. The flax was grown locally. The mill closed in 1908 with the building then being used for public meetings.

The cleft of the River Leven separates the two ancient settlements of Hoton and Rodebi, now widely known together as Hutton Rudby. Hoton, from hoh tun, is Old English meaning high settlement. Rodebi or Rudi’s farm is Scandinavian. Two ethnically different communities living side by side and slowly over the years becoming one.


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