Lord Stones Country Park

Open access land. Land supposedly designated under the The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 giving the public a right of access to wander. But access at the Lord Stones Country Park is slowly being constricted by a maze of fencing. Large areas have been enclosed with no stiles or gates provided. No explanation given. This gap into the yurts field has been sealed off with a double fence enclosing a hedge.

The park was created in the late 1980s subject to a range of constraints to preserve the beauty and character of the area. Since then commercialisation has slowly wormed into this character. Next month (19 January 2017) there is a presentation to the National Park to further commercialise the site. Camping pods, additional lighting, a hot tub, a mobile kiosk, a tent/canopy for Friday night BBQs, weddings, ‘flexibility’ of restaurant opening hours, car park gates for the public car park and ‘flexibility’ in the sale of goods. All very ominous.


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