Hither Moor

A bleak day with constant drizzle although not as bad as forecast. Most people know this area of moorland descending down to Cod Beck and the Swainby to Osmotherley road as Scarth Wood Moor. The 1857 Ordnance Survey map however names it as Hither Moor, with Scarth Wood Moor further north. I love these old forgotten names.

Centre of photo is the tourist honeypot of Sheepwash with its large car park. Another car park is to the right. Between them the 1857 map shows that Cod Beck was dammed as High Dam. This was almost 100 years before the much larger Cod Beck Reservoir was completed. There were two other dams, Low Dam and Middle Dam, both situated much lower down near to the mill, now YHA Osmotherley. The 1857 map also shows a farm with the delightful name of Wildgoose Nest which would have been inundated by Cod Beck Reservoir.

Sheepwash was where the old drovers’ road bringing cattle from Scotland to the markets at Malton and York forded Cod Beck. When hundreds of thirsty highland cattle were trying to drink it must of been a very noisy and busy place. A not too dissimilar atmosphere to Sheepwash this century on a hot summer’s day.


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