Sandstone Outcrop, Ingleby Moor

I visited this rocky island on Ingleby Moor last night in the dark. In a navigation event. It looks so different in daylight. All around is the heather moorland in its drab winter colours. This is the biggest of a cluster of boulders set in a wobble in the 360m contour. The outcrop has no name I can find which does seem odd to me. They are quite significant so I’m sure the folk of Baysdale must have christened them at some time. But the rocks didn’t make an impression on the Ordnance Survey’s Victorian cartographers who didn’t map it.

Not so Tidy Brown Hill, the high point of the slope at 396m; that’s 1,299 ft. in old money. Not that is insignificant, hardly worthy of the name hill. It has a round bowl barrow fairly close to the flat otherwise featureless summit. But according to two late 19th century the Ordnance Survey have erred, an error which has been perpetuated every since. Apparently the correct name is Tarry Brown Hill (see also here). Perhaps it was the North Yorkshire pronunciation.

As to the rock I can see a face there. Is it a cat? Standing guard over the moor and laughing at me stumbling around in the dark last night.



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