Ravenscar Seal

Early morning on the sea shore is one of my favourite walks, especially at low tide. At Ravenscar it’s a steep 188m descent to the rocky shore, I was just about to step onto the rocks when I heard the dog bark behind. There she was, sitting on the skyline. I tried to coax her; I commanded her, but there she remained. Oh well, she’ll follow. I turned. and took another step down. Another bark. What’s she playing at? Getting annoyed now, I shouted. No reaction. Again I turned around, again another bark. It was then I noticed a seal about ten metres from me. Whoops time to back off.

Now that I was attuned to seals, others appeared scattered amongst the rocks. A whole herd of them. Common or Harbour Seals I think, aware of but seemingly unperturbed by my presence. I headed back up the cliff a bit, sat down and spent a few moments enjoying the sight, the dog waiting patiently on the skyline, full of bravado when it comes to squirrels but with something her own size, a right coward.



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