Great Bonny Cliff and Little Bonny Cliff

A glorious morning. Cold but clear with blue skies. The view south west from Carlton Moor. Great Bonny Cliff and Little Bonny Cliff are the names of the plantations along Faceby Bank.



5 thoughts on “Great Bonny Cliff and Little Bonny Cliff”

  1. Hi Mick, do you have any thoughts on the naming of the place ?

    Could the ‘Bonny’ be jet, or merely a comment on the nice view ?

    We were up there last year and found plenty of jet holes (return visit this year for further surveys)


    1. No sorry Chris. A nice view seems too modern. The 1853 map shows a summerhouse above on the top. Just a few stones now. As regards jet is this just a guess or has it been used before? Mick


      1. Just as guess really. I know up Weardale/Teesdale way theres a tradition on “Bonny Bits” coming from the mines to make Spar Boxes. Just wondered if there was a possible link.


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