Boltby Reservoir

For the second time in as many years I’ve been fooled by this reservoir. I knew it had shrunk but was thrown yet again. Surrounded by the commercial forestry of Boltby Forest Boltby Reservoir was built in 1882 to supply water to the villages of Boltby, Felixkirk and Thirlby. Apparently a deed provides that water to the villages will be free ‘in perpetuity’. It covered an area of 7.7 acres and to give an idea of this size I remember the small hut on the right was a few metres above the water level.

In June 2005 severe rainfall caused damage to the spillway although the Victorian earth dam wall apparently remained structurally sound. With the reservoir not actually any longer being needed Yorkshire Water decided to decommission the reservoir. This involved lowering the water level by 8 metres to create a small wildlife lake, removing a notch in the dam wall and re-landscaping. Work was completed in 2007.



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