The bells … the bells

I had the chance this morning to climb to the top of the tower of St. Mary the Virgin church in Nunthorpe. The views from the top were spectacular but the photos, of Roseberry and the Cleveland Hills, I found a little disappointing. The church though is architecturally very interesting. It was consecrated in 1926 and is built in the gothic revival style which was the fashion at the time. Simple, clean lines and less ornate than early Victorian built churches. The architect was Temple Moore who actually completed the design in 1914 but the onset of war delayed start of construction. Sadly Temple Moore died before completion. The land for the church was given by Sir Arthur Dorman, the Teesside ironmaster, who also made substantial contributions towards the building costs which amounted to just under £13,000.

On the climb up the tower the eights bells had to be passed. Now I had always thought bell ringing involved the pulling of thick ropes start the bells swinging. Nunthorpe’s bells are fixed with an ingenious pulley system lifting and releasing the clapper. No effort needed at all.


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