The Badger Stone

Any resemblance to a badger is purely coincidental. According to a 12th century document the name is said to be derived from ‘bacheler‘ a Middle English word for a young man. Bachelor is an obvious modern word from the same root. By 1642 it was referred to as Bagerstone in the Duke of Buckingham’s lovely titled Perambulation of Helmsley Estate Boundaries. But whether George Villers, the Duke, actually perambulated himself or whether he sent one of his minions to do the job is unknown.

The Badger Stone can found found high on Bransdale Moor above Hodge Beck which flows through Bransdale to its confluence with the River Dove south of Kirbymoorside. It’s a solitary outcrop of sandstone rocks surrounded by miles and miles of heather moorland.

Badger Stone map



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