Mill Lane, Raisdale

I remember running down this track in the 1990s. It was then a B.O.A.T., a Byway Open to All Traffic. You could take your car down it if you wanted, and many did. Landrovers anyway. On this day a convoy of Landrovers were trying to get up the hill. Ropes were tied to trees and the winches on the Landies, a de rigueur accessory, were in full use. One vehicle was on its side. All jolly good fun but not so good for this ancient route from Scugdale into Bilsdale. Recently, after much protest by the off road enthusiast community, the track has been downgraded to Public Bridleway status. All motorised vehicles are prohibited, although the Ordnance Survey map still shows it as a by way. I came up the track today and, in spite of signage showing the new status, saw plenty of evidence of recent motorcycle usage. It seems the prohibition is being ignored.

Mill Lane map


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