Basking in the sunshine on Mothering Sunday

After three years I have finally succumbed to perhaps the most iconic subject of Springtime. And on Mothering Sunday too. Note I say Mothering Sunday and not the American Mothers’ Day.

Mothering Sunday is one of the traditional ‘feast’ days of lent when ‘breaks’ were given on Sundays in the observance of the fast. Carlin Sunday being another. It is thought to have originated from an annual tradition of pilgrimage to the ‘mother church’ of the diocese but it maybe even more ancient having evolved from a Roman feast on the March equinox to Cybele, the Mother of the Gods. By the 17th century the tradition of paying tribute to mothers had become firmly established particularly by those daughters in domestic service. But the advent industrial revelation resulted in the practice dying out.

In the first decade of the 19th century a new secular tradition had been established over in America. Mothers’ Day, the second Sunday in May. Influenced by this new fashion from the States, the Nottingham branch of the Mother’s Union were keen to resurrect the British tradition and set about designing the first Mothering Sunday Cards and establishment of ‘The Society for the Observance of Mothering Sunday’ culminating in the publication of a book in 1921. Almost one hundred years later and the tradition has become just another commercial opportunity between St. Valentine’s and Easter.

Anyone got any mint sauce.



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