The final climb

A view of the final 60′ of Roseberry Topping passing the Cleveland Way sign. It says Helmsley is 46m and Filey 64m but the Cleveland Way National Trail is officially 109 mile so an extra mile somewhere. Or maybe a rounding error. The Cleveland Way was first mooted in the 1930s but not officially opened until 1969. I do not know the significance of the 1995 year. I guess when the stone was placed. If it indeed was. I don’t remember. Maybe it was carved in situ. I do recall the helicopter carrying bags of stone from Aireyholme up onto Roseberry for the paths. That was in 1999 and all done in a day. 200 ton of stone I believe. If you are so inclined you can now do the Cleveland Way from the comfort of your armchair courtesy of Google.

Roseberry Topping map


3 thoughts on “The final climb”

  1. Mic, has anybody run the Cleveland Way in a day? I’d have thought that perhaps either you or, say, Gerry Orchard would have had a shot at it.


    1. Russ, I did a 100 miler once along the Cleveland Way, starting from Filey (or was it Brid?) and extending to Malton, I think it was, to make the 100 miles up. Certainly did it in less than a day but got disqualified because we were supposed to group up into a minimum of four during darkness. This would have meant an hour or so wait at Chop Gate for me and this other guy so we said bugger it and carried on together. Mick


      1. I guessed you had already had a crack at that! Years ago Mike Gaskin and I were going to give it a bash but we never got anything sorted. Don’t worry though Mic, I’m not even thinking of roping you into anything like that!


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