Gate post, High Crossletts

In Raisdale above High Crossletts farm, a traditional gate post or stoop or to use the North Yorkshire name yat stead. There is no trace of the other stoop which would have been located about where I was standing to take the photo. It would have had recessed holes corresponding to the grooves on this one. One end of poles just a bit wider that the gap would been inserted into the holes and the other end slipped along the groove, closing the gap.

The other post in the photo is a relatively modern pre-cast concrete one. All traces of the field boundaries have disappeared and these two posts stand in isolation. Looking at the 1857 Ordnance Survey map a lane enclosed both sides is shown on the alignment on the gate, perhaps evidenced today by the presence of nettles indicating a nitrogen rich soil. But by 1915 this lane is shown with a boundary one side only, the existing wall you can see today.

High Crossletts map


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