CCTV operating

The Inglorious 12th minus one, to borrow from the title of Mark Avery’s book. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the annual slaughter on the moors. On Farndale Moor signs have gone up advising of CCTV monitoring. No matter I don’t own a horse and have no intention of biking along the track, I find these signs very intimidating but that after all is the intention. And very suspicious, are there sights not for public viewing? But it is Open Access Land so people are free to walk or run, sightsee and birdwatch and I am already planning my route exploring such features as South Flat Howe, The Honey Poke, Old Ralph’s Cross, Esklets Cross, Cooper Hill and Stony Ridge, the 1400′ ring contour in the distance on the photograph. Not to mention the scores of old bell pits from the 18th-century coal workings.

Is it practical to monitor around ten square kilometres of moorland? I doubt it. There were no obvious poles mounting the cameras and communications equipment, but maybe it’s just one of those little wildlife surveillance cameras. Or maybe they’re using drones.

Stoney Ridge map

4 thoughts on “CCTV operating”

  1. Yes I spotted these signs that seem to have sprung up all round Westerdale and Rosedale estates. Do horses have a registration number? Or is a keeper holed up in Westerdale with a bank of screens just waiting to unleash a tweedy hit squad to take down some miscreant? I seem to be a keeper magnet ‘cos as soon as I take one step ‘off piste’ one will appear in a pick-up, now I know why. Mind you if it’s intimidation you want you should see the sign that has appeared at NZ 64343 08578. I have already ‘banged off’ my email of complaint to NYMNP and would encourage others to do likewise.

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      1. Yes the large rock is complete overkill but the wording is OK. However it now has a smaller, rather offensive ‘friend’ to keep it company. This has a green centre panel with

        NO DOGS
        NO BIKES

        in white paint on it.
        Dogs and bikes fair do’s, but no footpath? On open access land?

        Interestingly the track has been extended not too long ago to reach the dry stone wall on the eastern end of Kempswithen. Planning permission was granted on the basis that the farmer at West House needed regular vehicular access to repair the wall and stop his sheep from straying. Given that the wall is 1 mile long and that the track reaches it at a single point not far behind Haggaback I think someone is telling porkies.


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