Ernaldsti – Percy Cross Rigg

This track, across Hutton Moor and along the ridge Percy Cross Rigg, was an ancient route from Guisborough to Westerdale.  The rigg is named after a cross erected in the 13th century of which only the base remains, the cross having disappeared in the 1960s. The Percys were the lords of Kildale and the route … Continue reading “Ernaldsti – Percy Cross Rigg”

Hutton Moor

Ernaldsti, the medieval track named after Ernald de Percy, Lord of Kildale, cuts across Hutton Moor on Percy Rigg. Hutton Moor is part of the SSSI which covers most of the North York Moors‘ heather moorland. I do find it hard to understand why a landscape managed by man to maximise the production of one species at the … Continue reading “Hutton Moor”

Kempswithin Heights

A bitterly cold morning, clumst as they say in the North East, the heather white with hoar frost crystals and the sun straining to break through the low lying cloud. Hoar is an Old English word meaning showing signs of old age but the moors are magic on these mornings, eerily quit, paths and bogs solid to run … Continue reading “Kempswithin Heights”


I am quite opportunistic with my photography. I don’t usually have much of a plan, sometimes just a vague idea of a potential subject. Today overcast with very strong winds and rain threatening I wasn’t very hopeful.  But as I skirted around Great Ayton Moor a break in the clouds threw Lonsdale below me in bright winter … Continue reading “Lonsdale”

Jane Frank Garth, Little Hograh Moor

Above Hob Hole in Baysdale and beside a shallow marshy patch of moor ominously called Black Sike is the ruins of a building and walled enclosure. On the 1853 6″ map it is named as Jane Frank Garth and has acquired a history involving the brewing and smuggling of illicit liquor. Tom Scott Burns in … Continue reading “Jane Frank Garth, Little Hograh Moor”